Monday, October 5, 2009

October 5, 2009

Hey everybody! This is doctor Nick!

WOW!!! General conference is the BEST!!! I love it when the prophet gets up and just lays the smack down on all these Chileans, JUST LOVE PEOPLE!!! Haha no i´m sure it isn´t just Chileans that can increase their ability to love, it applies to all of us but i´m just a little biased right now being in chile and all, seeing how little the people reach out and converse one with another, its kinda sad but that’s what we´re here to change!!! I had a really sweet experience actually that I wrote to my president about and i´ll attach it, here it is:

This last week I had a really powerful spiritual experience. One of my converts, Eduardo La Torre has been a really strong convert until this last week when he saw an anti-mormon video about the Book of Mormon. He lost practically all of his faith and was left with only a shell of what his testimony once was. As we talked with him I remembered that General Conference was coming up. I had always heard of missionaries and other members testify of how when we go to General Conference with a question and a prayer that we can answer that question the Lord provides the response that we need to strengthen our testimonies. Having remembered that I was prompted by the spirit to make the same promise to Eduardo, I told him that if he was to go to all the sessions of General Conference, praying that he could regain his testimony of the Book of Mormon that he would hear something that would astound him. The answer to my prayers ( I was also praying that he would receive an answer) came on Sunday afternoon when Elder Jeffrey R. Holland dropped a bombshell on all those with doubts about the Book of Mormon! President, my testimony was also strengthened as I listened to this Apostle of God testify of the truth of the Book of Mormon and I could not help tear up, knowing that the answer I received also will help another to stay firm in the church and be a believer of the Word of God. I love this church, I love my older brother Jesus Christ and I know that miracles exist. I know that God loves each and every one of us and listens to our prayers!

Yeah that was a really sweet experience, unfortunately I won´t be seeing Eduardo or anyone else for that matter from the Vicuña Mackenna anytime soon. Seeing as how i´ve been moved out. I´ve been sent to one of the most ghetto sectors in all of this mission. Its called El Molino. Don´t think the fun stops there though, i´m white washing the area, and also training, and also a Zone leader. HOLY COW!!! As the two latin elders that I just left living with would say, “Oh my gosh!” (turns out I say that a lot and they caught on to saying it) so yeah, this change is going to be a blast, I really am not prepared for any of the 3 new challenges that are coming my way this change but I know one thing and that is that I NEED YOUR HELP AND PRAYERS!!! I will continue to pray like crazy but please feel free to help me out in this cause for Justice and righteousness ;)

Alright I love you all, i´ve gotta run but remember that I love you all and are praying for all of you!

With love and care,