Friday, December 26, 2008

December 26, 2008

Thank you so much family for all the gifts! i really loved to recieve each and everyone of them from the phase ten to the play dough to the pictures from the jorgies and on and on and on! you are all amazing! all the presents were a good reminder of each of your families individually! I was able to have an amazing christmas here in the MTC. the spirit is here regardless but the whole week was just amazing. it started off on sunday when i was called to be the zone leader, cool but not all that important but it really started to get amazing on Tuesday when Ben's dad, Elder Christensen came to speak to us on the prophet Joseph Smiths life seeing as how it was his birthday, i will try to expound on that in latter letters cuz we have no time here in the MTC but we'll see what i can do.. next on wednesday (the night before christmas) elder Bednar came to speak to us, they kept it a complete secret until he walked into the room and everybody shot out of their seats, i can testify that i know he is an apostle of the Lord, An electric feeling vibed through my body and i know that it was the spirit testifying to me that he is an apostle, he has seen the Living God and that he knows it to be true which allows me to know that as well. He talked on the symbols of Christmas, trees, lights, and wiseman, it was an amazing talk that again, ill have to send out later. The christmas holiday was topped off on xmas morning when Elder Holland came to speak to us. Again i know without a shadow of a doubt that he is an apostle and that he speaks the Words of God. It is so good to be here during the holiday season, i know i only have to have one more which is kinda crazy to think about but i am really glad i got to have one in here because the church really took care of us!

Happy Holidays to all! i'm sorry my letters are so weak, when i get more time on the outside world i promise i will write everyone personal notes but just know now that i think about you all alot and love and respect each and everyone of you. keep those smiles on your faces and i know that the Lord will bless all of us if we hold true to the faith and put all of our trust in Him!!!

Friday, December 12, 2008

December 12, 2008

hey post this on the blog when you get a free moment please:

Christof you are the man and keep up the good work! i know you are gonna get out here and kill it so just keep your chin up and get ready for this roller coaster cuz that is exactly what it is!

Here is some advice i can give to whomever wants to read if you are planning on a mission:

Enjoy every free moment you have, whether with someone or not because the second you get in here you are w/ someone, ALWAYS!!

also listen to music, lots of it! that is one of the things that i miss the most and it is crazy how that happens.

try to feel the spirit as much as possible! it is crazy how important that is.

also hit up preach my gospel, that book is amazing and it will change your life!

Monday, December 8, 2008

December 5, 2008

i hope everyone has a great x-mas, i know mine will rock cuz we'll prob have a general authority so BOOYA!

Spanish is killin me but i think i'm beginning to understand a bit so that is nice, the spirit is what is carrying me through in that department.

30 minutes is way too short of a time to email so sorry if i told anyone i'd email them personally and they haven't gotten one yet. its tough.

the spirit in a lesson is great, honestly if you can bring that it does most the work so i don't have to do anything! amazing!

Just want all ya'll to know that i know Jesus Lives and that he is our redeemer, personally for all of us he is our redeemer, not just for mankind but he suffers individually side by side us when we are sick, hurt or sad, he goes through the same stuff at the same time and i just want you to keep that in mind... JESUS LOVES YOU!!!

Friday, November 28, 2008

November 27, 2008

Hey everybody!

Things are great in the MTC, the food is kinda bleh but there's nothing I can do about that. My companion is super sweet. His name is Elder Bell and he seriously is my better half. Haha totally cliche but true.. WEll things are going well here, the spanish is non-existant still but i'm sure it will come along here soon. If i could request anything from anyone it would definitely be pictures. I need pictures!! they are a great source of strenghth or something like that. They're actually just nice to look at so if you could please send pics of me and you, or just you, or of something you thought was cool to:

Elder Livingstone
MTC Mailbox #320
2005 North 900 East
Provo, UT 84604

but if you would just like to email me you can hit me at that same address on, that place is great cuz we get the mail the same day and mail is comparable to gold in this place so send me some.


--Elder Livingstone

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

November 24, 2008

Presidente y Hermana Livingstone!

Hey! I wish you could read this in the paper and ink but I guess you'll just have to feel the same effect through an email...

Well things have really started to get moving here in the MTC I am doing very well. The food is extremely heavy and nothing like Mom's delicious home cooking but I guess I should just forget about that for 2 years huh? :)

My companions name is Elder Bell and he is from Tucson, AZ. I love Elder Bell! He is amazing. We just seemed to hit it off from the start and we just mesh so well. I love him because he inspires me to work hard because he is such a good hard worker. Wow that last sentence was quite redundant huh? Oh well!

So tell me how the Elders are doing in your mission. Tell me how your trip was Mom. I'm hoping you made it home without any complications! Tell me how things are generally in the Congo...

Mom I'm so glad we got to go through the temple and Dad I can't wait to go through with you. It will be the experience of a lifetime! Well I'd better run for now but I will get to email you on P-day next week which is Friday. I love you both!

Love your son,
Elder Livingstone

P.S. Send pictures!


Also, Elder Livingstone said in another letter to us:

The MTC is amazing! I love it here, there are so many wonderful things going on here that it just is amazing/exciting to be here. I'm pretty sure that I'll leave the MTC 15-20 pounds heaveier but hopefully not...

Yea to answer your questions, I was made district leader. Send pictures!

Friday, November 21, 2008

Hello Everyone! I just wanted to put a quick plug in for Elder Livingstone will have access to email his family, but still writes letters to everyone else. is pretty awesome because they have SAME DAY delivery for letters to the MTC (if it is received by noon mountain time), and it's totally free. It's so simple, there is hardly a reason NOT to use

All you have to do is go to, select "Provo MTC" from the drop down menu and click on "write a letter." It will ask for your address information, and some information for Elder Livingstone. His complete address is shown here on the top right corner of the blog, but the information you need is his mailbox number (#320), his mission (CHI-SANE) and his estimated departure date (0120).

There is a limit to how long the letter can be (7900 characters). You can type it into the box or copy it from a word document.

Get writing everyone!

November 19, 2008

Heidi, Jay, Mae, Mom, Dad and whoever else;

Hey I love you guys! Haven't really been homesick yet but I also haven't touched the pillow either so I guess we'll see then huh? Can you do me a favor and just know how much I love you guys! I really want you and everyone to know how much I appreciate the love and support I have been given throughout the years.

I guess the only thing I need is to have dad give me the line of authority for my priesthood. And please send in some soda and snack food like crackers or something. Graham crackers, Cheese-its, candy, Snickers, Reeses, Blowpops from costco.

Alright, I really love ya'll, Keep up the good work, my P-day will be Friday and I will get to email then too so...SHWEET!!!

Love ya,
Elder Livingstone


Wednesday, November 19, 2008


and p.s. leave some comments. missionaries love to hear from their friends and family.

and he's off...

Elder Livingstone officially started his mission today, November 19, 2008. It was a fantastic morning with Elder Livingstone. We had breakfast at Magleby's Fresh before we dropped him off.

Elder Livingstone is the youngest of eight children, so his (our) family is quite large. Here is just a portion of our family. From left to right, top to bottom--Jayson, Tricia, Sara, Shannon, Jake, Amy, Elder Livingstone, Josh, Kirk, Mae, Heidi (me), and Mom (Sister Livingstone).

Yes, that is Elder Livingstone's mom in the picture. And yes, Elder Livingstone's mom is currently a missionary in the Democratic Republic of Congo. She received extra special permission to be here to take Elder Livingstone to the MTC. It was so wonderful to have her here.

Here is Elder Livingstone with his mom and his second Mom, Sister Christensen. Sister Christensen's son Ben lived with Elder Livingstone for his last two years of high school and is one of his best friends. Ben is currently serving in the Chile Santiago North Mission.

The big moment--Elder Livingstone gets his name tag. And, the dot.

Two tags. Two missionaries.

Then we went to a large chapel, heard a few instructions, watched a movie made in 1981 (it's a classic), and said goodbye. Elder Livingstone was so excited, I don't think he cried at all.

He's going to do amazing things.

Here's where to write him--

Elder Andrew Livingstone
MTC Mailbox #320
2005 North 900 East
Provo, UT 84604-1793

In the future, the posts here will be written by Elder Livingstone. I hear they have email now in the MTC, so look for a post in a few days.

Until then, send Elder Livingstone a letter. Or why not, a care package (he loves homemade oreos, dr. pepper, banana cream pie, frozen snickers, and of course J Dawgs).

Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Another huge step in the process of going on a mission was that of going through the temple. I decided to try and give my Father and Mother a gift because they couldn't be there that I would go through on my Dad's birthday, October 2nd. It was a fantastic event and I would highly recommend preparing to go through for anyone who is considering it. You will not regret all the work and time spent preparing to go through if you go with the proper spirit and right attitude. Even though I went originally through the Provo Temple, I had the chance to recently go through the Salt Lake Temple and for anyone who hasn't gone through a live session I am telling you to do it! It is amazing! I understood so much more!
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The beginning..

If you don't know by now, I'm going on a mission the Chile, Santiago East Mission. Now that I spoiled it here is a video of me opening my call. I am talking towards the computer because that is where most of my family is located. Cyberspace... kinda hokey but 100% true. Actually I was using skype (which happens to be a great tool) share the experience my parents who are in the Congo, and also 5 out of 7 of my siblings. Anyhow, without further buildup, my teary eyed opening of my call letter...