Monday, July 20, 2009

July 20, 2009

Fam Damily,

Now that the reunion is over you can all go back to living life like normal, accept the fact that mom and dad are HOME!!! Ah that’s still got me trippin a little bit. Oh well they are gonna keep on keeping on.

This last week has got to have been one of the most stressful weeks of my entire life. I´m fairly concerned that God is trying to test my patience and devotion to him due to the fact that last change I was with a fairly noobie and this change i´m with a real freshy. One thing is for certain, I DON´T KNOW WHAT I´M DOING! Well that’s a lie, I do know what i´m doing i´m just finding it really stressful trying to lead on the battle against satan being the actual leader against the war here in the ward of Vicuña Mackenna. I´m definitely trying to do my best, I think I might be stressing way too much over little details but I just want to show my kid how live the mission, to really live it, have it be your life, and to follow every rule with exactness. He actually hasn´t even unpacked his bag yet because there hasn´t been ¨free-time¨ yet.. HAHAHA no that’s how it was with me when I got here but it might be taken a little far to the extreme. I was given council by a couple of return missionaries in our ward and also by the assistants that I just need to turn him loose and realize that the first couple of lessons are just going to Suck, period. So I think I will take those councils, also any that you have given me, or would like to give and apply them this upcoming week and we´ll see how it turns out down the road right?

To give you a little background on him, he is a stud, his name is Elder Hualca, yes, his first name actually is elder, that’s how hardcore his parents are! No just kidding, i´m just bluffing for the fact that I haven´t asked yet what his first name is… wow i´m a piece… haha so yeah, he´s from Guayaquil, 22 years old, has a girlfriend, a really good guy, he likes to say ¨ok¨ a lot and is general a really, really good guy. I like him a lot. He is really enthusiastic and likes to talk to people a lot about the weather here, his house, and food. He´s a bit bigger than me, in girth, but I still have him beat in height!

Lets see… we got clearance this past week to baptize our buddy Eduardo in this ward, he just has to get confirmed in his ward, I know pretty apostate right? I don´t know how it all shook out but they said we could do it, I think its cuz his parents are really anti having any reps from the church in their house so he´s gotta do all the lessons and stuff with us and likes to go to church here with his girlfriend so we´re stoked! The plan is to baptize him this week but that might change as his girlfriend´s little sister wants to be baptized as well but theres a situation involved there that might delay it.. shoot. Other investigators, Oscar. He has almost fallen completely off the face of the planet. That’s really bummin me out but we´ll be passing by his house this Tuesday so if you could have a little prayer in your heart this Tuesday that he´ll accept i´d really appreciate it! Jenny just had surgery, shes out for a couple of weeks, javiera gets back from her ¨vacay¨ this week so we will be teaching her a couple of times in between now and the next time and the plan for her is the 2nd of august! Woot woot! We also just started with this family of less actives that invited us over to teach their daughter the lessons because she wants to be baptized. The family thought that we were coming over to teach her but we sneak attacked them and have been teaching the dad and the older brother to get them baptized as well and its working! The brother asked us to be baptized yesterday and the whole family was in church yesterday so surely but slowly we´re working toward the goal of baptisms weekly!!!

Spiritual moment of the week goes to teaching Eduardo and Stefani the law of chastity! Powerful stuff! The tears were ready to bust out of my eyelids when I bore to them the testimony I have in me of this eternal law. It was amazing! I was testifying of how i´ve seen the difference of joy in my group of friends of those who have lived the law and those who haven´t, the difference of eternal happiness is black and white. I love the gospel and the ability that everybody has here in the earth to live it. There is no one, no where that is not worthy of repentance!!!

Alright kiddies i´ve gotta get outta here to show my compy the way to live righteously! I love you all like crazy and hope that the you have all the blessings that God has provided for you. Live in a manner that God can´t not bless you!

drewby doo

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